Learning to Breathe… cultivating of the profound whisper:

Many of us have forgotten the importance of our breath. A deep cleansing abdominal breath. One that expands the chest and pushes oxygen into the lower lungs…oxygenating our red blood cells and supporting their work of moving throughout the body.

Quiet…stillness in breathing deeply. A profound quiet that calms the spirit and relaxes the mind from its everyday hustle and humming. Escaping from the work washed frenzy fast paced engine that rarely stops turning. A moment of silence in a breath… Inhale. Exhale. Still. Deeply still.
In its practice we can find a space of solitude and sensations of relaxation, calm and peacefulness. Once our mind is quiet and connected to our spirit, body and soul…our energy is elevated, lifted. We can listen to our inner voice that is part of the greater spirit that binds all of humanity. It is the profound whisper.

We must listen carefully and intently. The volume can be raised and carried through the soft flow of our breathing. This is the voice that guides us, calls us to action and gives purpose and meaning. If we are open to its message and willing to sit in our silence it can provide the answers we are all seeking.



                                                    Sifu Stephen Vick